The Book

The Impromptu Game Plan: The purposeful but also opportunistic career pivots of people like mecurrently searching for an agent/publisher….

This book will explore the career and life stories of people who’ve made pivots in their lives. Some of these pivots are by choice, sometimes as a reaction to opportunity or challenge (or both). But in all cases, they led to more meaningful careers that make the most of the person’s strengths and experiences. And most importantly, align their strengths and experiences to their passions and values.

Some people navigate life’s serendipity and challenges and survive, and even thrive, better than others. Each chapter pulls out of those stories some of the pivotal moments, mindsets, and behaviors to reflect on why this might be the case. We also draw out some common themes, mindsets, and behaviors of these stories. We used these to create a framework, our Storytelling Wheel of Reflection. Using our framework, readers will then have the tools to interrogate and reflect on their own stories.

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