About the Authors

We’re Sarah Firisen and Catherine Rennolds. Sarah is 52 years old and divides her time between Florida and the Caribbean. Catherine is 58 and lives in the North of England in the UK. Sarah developed a storytelling framework as part of a global leadership development team led by Catherine more than ten years ago and has continued to deliver storytelling workshops and coaching since then. Catherine has spent 35 years helping people find and use their inspirational career journeys to inspire others to be career adventurous. She has designed and led award-winning leadership development programs and provided executive coaching across the planet.

In 2017, focusing on the changing shape and demands of business and the workforce, Catherine designed and began delivering second-half of life career workshops and increasingly was called on to coach new entrepreneurs in the second half of their careers. The driving forces were everything from Brexit causing a UK shift in Financial Services to increasing awareness of the importance of work to staying youthful and making the world a better place locally and globally. The perceived threat of the inter-generational workforce from all generations and the increasing demand for work with purpose were also on coachees and participants’ minds.

Other writers have focused on the dire straits that those coming up to retirement find themselves financially and skills-wise. Not us. Our dialogue together for the last few years has focused on joyfulness and the potential for a greater purpose in the long lives that we could all live. Out of this, our project was born.

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